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Create good content by getting to know your customer

Who is your customer? What do they like? What do they need? How can you add value to their lives? The answers to these questions should be shaping the content you create. Creating engaging and valuable content is an incredibly powerful marketing strategy for building businesses of all sizes. As with all aspects of marketing you need a plan, an audience, a story, a set of processes, and a way to measure the efficacy of your marketing efforts. There are all sorts of tools, software, online advice, and “copy and paste” templates available on the internet, but the reality is that every business needs a tailored approach to content marketing. There are no magical forms or perfect templates to guarantee results for your business. You can be certain of one thing when you’re creating content… consistency is the main ingredient. You can create some of the best content in the world that people will want to consume, but if you’re only doing it every once in a while, you’ll never gain traction.

Quality, relevant content is less about the company and all about the client. Investing in research is a key element to determining what your audience wants from you. Your clients’ preferences and needs must be your driving force for what you create, and it’s never “one size fits all”.

Do you know your customers?

Determining the best course of action for your content

JT Creative works with businesses on creating a content strategy to overcome specific challenges. We can help you customize the content you deliver to reach the most relevant audience of potential clients, and provide value so that they keep coming back. What does that look like?

  • It could be a complete audit of your website to see if there are any SEO opportunities within the existing content.
  • We may need to refresh, repurpose, consolidate, or eliminate some of your existing content.
  • We will analyze your clients and potential clients to make sure we are not leaving a segment out.
  • We may uncover a different subset audience for increased engagement.
  • We will work with you to determine the best direction for new content.
  • It’s possible for us to create the content in house.
  • We can also create a framework that would allow anyone you hire in the future to create content in line with your new strategy.
  • Your specific needs will dictate our specific approach, implementation, tracking, and adjustments.

We want to learn from the past and work on the things that aren’t working. Taking a deep dive into your customer base, we will work together to figure out what’s most important to the people who can benefit from your products and services, and the best way to communicate those things directly.

Discovering the needs and wants of your potential clients

Discovery is all about getting to know your audience and how you interact with them. Your content could be solid, but if you’re communicating through undesirable channels, you end up working against yourself. Perhaps you’re using the correct delivery method, but your content is not valuable to your audience. Whatever you are producing isn’t something your potential clients are willing to spend time on. We will bring each aspect of your marketing strategy together, audit each one, and decide what stays and what goes as you move forward. This is the first step in our process to help small businesses create their overall marketing strategy. The content you use can either cost you time and money or multiply your revenue. There has to be a plan to go with all the ideas flying around in your head. We can help develop that plan with you so that your content marketing strategy works for you.

Let’s schedule a call so that we can discover what your business is experiencing, and create a custom strategy that will help you build your brand and bring in more sales.


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