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Engage your past clients and allied resources with database marketing

Database, data bank, customer list, potential client list, whatever you call it… it’s the most important thing that you have in business. When you have the ability to communicate a message to someone whom you have already met, will likely respond to it, and possibly generate sales because of it, you’re in a great position. Your database should be full of these people, past clients, friends, family, acquaintances, people whose services you use, businesses you support. But, simply having a database full of people is useless if you don’t communicate with them in a consistent and systematic way.

Organize your database

One of the most important pieces to a good database marketing strategy is making sure that your database is organized, segmented, and as complete as it can be. You need to provide the right information to the right people via the channel they prefer. Not everyone reads their emails regularly, not everyone likes text messaging. Knowing these details about the people in your database is crucial for giving them information that they can be excited about. If they see value in your communication, they will always be eager to hear what you have to say. On the flip side, if you send irrelevant content to people, they will silence it quickly, cutting off your main method of communication, and the possibility of future sales with that person.

How do you start marketing directly to your database?

JT Creative starts by performing a complete database audit. Whether your database is scribbled in a notebook, written on index cards in a shoebox, or loaded into a CRM, we want to make sure that it is organized, categorized, and easily accessible. We also need to make sure that the people in your database are still relevant. Scrubbing your old leads and ranking your past clients is a start. We will dig deep into your database and get to know your customers, friends, and allied resources. We want a perfect representation of your audience so that we can divide them into categories based on preferences, and send each segment the information that is relevant to them.

Once we have an organized database, we will work with your small business to create a comprehensive plan that details the different types of content we want to communicate to the different audiences, frequency of communication, method of delivery, how we will track the results, and plans for adjustments.

5 ways you can improve your database right now

Read more about these 5 steps to improving your database


Merge all of your duplicate contacts


Update contacts that have invalid or incomplete contact info


Tag individuals you have contacted within the last 12 months


Split your database into 2 categories: people you have met, and people you haven’t met


Add people to your database that you have recently met

Why should you market to your database?

Systematic, intentional communication with your clients, past clients, and allied resources is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can employ, however there are many reasons why small businesses often leave this piece of the puzzle out. It’s time consuming, for one. It has varied success rates depending on who you talk to. Still, we believe that the main reason small businesses opt out of this marketing strategy is lack of understanding how to properly do it. You don’t just set a drip campaign and forget about it. You have to be constantly creating and evolving. Automation is a great thing, but it’s also necessary to evaluate the content you’re putting in front of potential clients and ask yourself if you would want to receive it from any of the businesses you patronize. Just a few of the channels we use to create database marketing for our clients are:

  • Email campaigns
  • Text campaigns
  • Social media campaigns targeted at your database and look-a-like audiences
  • Face-to-face events
  • Phone calls
  • Direct mail
  • Rewards programs

We can also help you to manage your database to keep the communication flowing smoothly in the future.

Let’s set up a call to discover your database challenges and nail down a solid structure for communicating effectively and efficiently so that you can show your value to your clients and generate more sales.


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