The 3 most important marketing videos for your business

To embark on your video marketing journey is a daunting task, and one that will cause self-doubt and insecurity to rise to the surface. Before you start the process, you need to know 2 things:

1 | Do it anyway. There will be naysayers who tell you you’re going to fail. There will be inner thoughts and feelings that you’re creating for nobody. Shut them down and do it anyway. Video doesn’t create an overnight success story. It builds personality into your brand over time. Video connects with your audience on an emotional level, adding the human element to your brand.

2 | Commit yourself. If you want results from your videos, you have to be intentional, create a plan, and stick to it. Set goals and set action steps to achieve those goals. Figure out how much time you’ll need to spend and block it out on your calendar. Nothing should stand in the way of you giving this your best effort. If you can’t commit, hire someone to execute for you.

Now, let’s look at the 3 most important marketing videos for your business to produce first.

1. Company Story / Founder Story

Stories resonate with people. You can emphasize your own personal journey in life, your company’s journey, or both. The goal of this video is to connect to a wider audience at an emotional level.

Talk about your ‘big why’. What made you decide to start this business? What drives you to keep going? Talk about challenges you’ve had to overcome and mistakes you’ve made.

The days of people buying from a faceless brand are over. People want to know the humans behind the brand. This is an opportunity to highlight specific areas of your journey that will encourage your audience and help them get to know you.


  • This needs to be your most professionally produced video. The look and feel should promote confidence in your brand.
  • Use this video on your website and as the trailer on your YouTube channel.
  • Keep the length under 2 minutes.
  • Good lighting and good audio are must haves.

2. Explainer video about your products and services

This is your chance to show people how you can help them. What do you do? What problems do you solve? How do your products and services stand out from others?

You’re giving people a sneak peak at what they can expect from using your products and services. Give something away here. Offer some free value to make the audience want more.

Use real examples of what your products and services have done for other people. Be empathetic to the pains that customers face and show that you understand their problem.


  • The tone of this video should be exciting. This too needs to be well-produced.
  • The format should be easy to cut into shorter videos. Use the shorter videos to highlight one product or service at a time on social media.
  • Be specific using real numbers and data.
  • Again, good lighting and audio.

3. Client testimonial videos

Client testimonials are the best proof of what you do and how well you do it. If you already have clients singing your praises on video, put those videos together into a compilation.

If you don’t have any video testimonials yet, now’s the time to start collecting them. Have you received any written reviews on Google or Facebook? Ask those clients if they wouldn’t mind recording a video for you.

You should also ask your current clients to come in to the office and record a testimonial video. You can incentivize this to make it more appealing and fun. Hold a drawing and offer free entries for those who record a review for you. Buy a coffee for each person. Whatever you choose to do, create a system around it for collecting reviews from future clients.


  • Cut snippets from each testimonial and put them together in a way that keeps the video interesting.
  • Mixing formats is ok since many people will use their phone to record.
  • Keep the length under 1 minute.
  • Use this video on your website and on your YouTube channel, and link to it in your cold email campaigns.

By adding video to your marketing plan, your business will reach more people. Let people get to know the humans behind your machine, and start by using these 3 videos.

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